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Management Training

Cyber Insecurity Workshop

by Mark Claypool

Cybersecurity is a major issue that can have a severe negative impact on you, and/or your business. Just ask Ryan Cropper, owner of Able Body Shop in Anchorage, Alaska.  A hacker got into Ryan’s office computer via an open port and took over, holding Ryan’s computer system for a $4,000 ransom. Learn how to protect yourself from this and other threats in this important workshop.


In this cyber security workshop, Mark will share what happened to Ryan and what he did about it. He will also cover the following:


  • Threats that online cyber criminals pose to your business

  • Malware Identified and Defined

    • Worms

    • Viruses

    • Ransomware

    • Trojan Horses

    • Phishing

    • Spyware

  • Steps You Need To Take To Protect Yourself

    • Software Protection

    • Firewalls

    • Cloud Backups

    • Cyber Insurance

    • Employee Cyber Policies and Enforcement


Green Light Sales Process - Your Path to Higher Profits & Client Satisfaction

by Jeremy O’Neal, sponsored by Advisorfix

There is a movement taking businesses by storm. It is the empowered consumer. Today’s consumer demands a different approach to selling…one in where the consumer is in control. Effective selling today puts the customer in a position of wanting to buy vs. being sold. Learn how to identify the roadblocks that create sales objection and jeopardize relationships. Increasing sales can be done in an easy and effortless way. It is simple, make sure you have the green light before you proceed. The Green Light Sales Process will show you how to gain your clients permission through every step of the sales process. Learn how to spot potential obstacles and ensure your get the green light at the end to proceed with the repairs.

  • Get more customers to buy from you

  • Remove traditional sales resistance

  • Increase your sales

  • Increase your profits

  • Create a sales process your customers will love

  • Easy to use system designed for service advisors of all skill levels


How to Showcase Your Value to Customers

by Carolyn Coquillette, Shop-Ware CEO & Owner of Luscious Garage, sponsored by Shop-Ware and Bosch

While the diagnosis is trusted in the hands of your technician, it’s important that the value of your services are communicated in a way that makes sense to your customers. In this class, Carolyn will demonstrate collaborative methods you can use to display your shop’s technical expertise while educating your customers on the valuable services that you provide.


Going above and beyond Digital Vehicle Inspections, you’ll walk away with a deployable guide

on how to document and sell your work.


  • Proven techniques on how to use modern communication channels that will increase

  • your office bandwidth and ‘wow’ your customers

  • How to master inspections on maintenance, diagnosis, and repairs

  • In-depth reporting insights that will unlock profitability potential; a deep-dive into analytics and the BCS dashboard


Onboarding for Success

by Seth Thorson, sponsored by LMV

Seth Thorson started off turning wrenches and is now a premier shop owner in the Minneapolis area. Seth is a successful operator of two shops in Minneapolis now.  Seth would like to share how he goes about onboarding his staff. He will cover how he hires and trains his staff to be great stewards of his company. Included will be how to implement an LMS, as well as proper 30-60-90/day process to set your employees up for success.


Profitability Analysis: A Better Understanding of Your Numbers

by Hunt Demarest, sponsored by Paar, Melis & Associates

The objective of this course is to provide auto shop owners with a comprehensive understanding of their financials. We provide the important analytical tools for understanding the operations of the business. Having these tools will enable shop owners to see where their money is going and increase profitability. We’ll go over proper formatting of your Profit and Loss Statement (including how often and which line items should be read regularly), what this statement can tell you as a shop owner, and how to tweak numbers to increase your net income.


Reviews and Responding!

by Mike Delacruz, sponsored by Broadly

Reviews could be a sensitive subject matter. We take pride in our business and cringe when anyone says something bad about their experience.  But do they have a legitimate issue? Are they even a real customer?  Are they a disgruntled customer?   I think most of us have experienced all of these.  No matter what the situation - how you respond will be the determining factor of getting that new customer and creating an awesome experience for them.  Mike DelaCruz will show you how to take the emotion out of responding to reviews and attract new customers through your reputation online!


Technical Training

BIMRS Diagnostic Challenge

by Seth Thorson and Justin Morgan, sponsored by LMV 

BIMRS was excited to host our 1st LMV Diagnostic Challenge 4 months ago.  The feedback we got was great and we’re going to do it again!  Put your thinking cap on and allow Seth and Justin to present a problem vehicle.  We split up into private groups and talk amongst your peer technicians.  You will diagnose and map out the problem amongst yourselves and present your findings to the group at the end of the session.  Seth and Justin will reveal the problem and talk about diagnostic strategies.


BMW Data Analysis - Fixing BMW’s without breaking the bank

by Scot Manna, sponsored by Worldpac

This presentation will examine several BMW vehicles that will be diagnosed and repaired to illustrate an efficient path to determining the root cause of failure. BMW may be the leading car make that demonstrates the trial and error method of parts replacement to fix a problem. During this presentation we will ANALYZE DATA and perform testing to determine our repair path. With an understanding of the operation and strategy used in control systems the correct repair can be determined without “replacing everything”! Vehicles included:

2004 BMW Z4, Fuel Mixture Code
2010 BMW 528i, MIL with Lambda Control Code
2007 BMW X-3, No Start After front Crankshaft Seal
2013 BMW X-3, MIL and Codes after Timing Chain and Guides replaced
2013 BMW 3 Series, No Power Steering with new Rack and Pinion


BMW DCT Transmission in operation and diagnostics

by Niel Speetjens, sponsored by ZF

The magical merge of manual and automatic transmission technology to get the best of both worlds.

The attendees will gain knowledge of the DCT transmission. Topics like torque flow and shifting elements will be covered as well as the valve body will be discussed. The Trainer will introduce common failures as well as the best diagnostic strategy for these units.

Participants will be exposed to oil and filter change service and there will learn to set the oil level correctly.

After completing this training, the participant will be able to:

  • List internal components of the DTC transmission

  • Describe the function of a double clutch

  • Identify the torque flow of all gears

  • Explain the shifting strategy of the DTC transmission

  • Analyze transmission adaptation values

  • Explain an oil change service procedure

  • Explain how to properly check the oil in the transmission

  • Describe the common failure of the DTC transmission


BMW Diesel Diagnostic Strategies

by Seth Thorson and Justin Morgan, sponsored by LMV 

Are Diesel engines tricky to diagnose?  There are many common codes that come up with the M57y, and N57t. Nox sensors, SCR, and DEF filling problems to name a few.  Join Seth and Justin as they present an overview of theory on these engines and introduce you to some diagnostic strategies to save you time and money.


BMW Driver Assistance Systems 

by Brian Chaffe, sponsored by OPUS IVS

An in depth view of how these systems operate:

  • Speed Control Systems

  • Collision Prevention Systems

  • Parking System

  • Head Up display 

  • Night Vision


BMW ISTA AIR - Aftersales Information Research

by Drew Wolfe, sponsored by Worldpac

AIR is the application used by dealers to reduce the time spent searching for fault codes, find labor times and repair information.

-   Enhanced wiring diagrams with hyperlinks that guide you to connector locations and part numbers

-   Parts search and part numbers (ETK parts catalog) in AIR and parts packages for common repairs

-   Enhanced repair instructions with bolt torque specs

-   Service bulletins search

-   Recall information and notification of open/closed campaigns on vehicles


BMW Three Phase Motors

by Gary Smith & Eric Scharping, sponsored by Worldpac and DiagNation

In this web class, we will discuss Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) theory and specifically how it applies to various automotive systems. The web class will flow theory to scanner and scope analysis during diagnosis of several recent case studies.

  • What is Pulse Width Modulation and How Does It Work? Concepts and Theory

  • Understand the differences in use and applications of PWM in power, control and Sensing circuits in BMW vehicle platforms.

  • Brief explanation of PWM motor encoding for sensing and motor control applications.

  • Introduction to BMW Valvetronic Motor and DME Driver Analysis, 3-phase Motors

  • Introduction to 3-Phase AC/DC (Non-ground) Fuel Pumps and Controls in BMW Vehicles

Who should attend? Anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the concepts of PWM motor control, AC current flow and motor controls from DC drivers. Also, those who seek to understand their scanner and scope data in these systems beyond just viewing the analog signals. AC current is in play in multiple modern automotive sub-systems and of course is the main motivator behind hybrid and EV platforms. See how AC is managed in a DC digital world and how it affects your diagnostics.



by Brandon Mathews, sponsored by OPUS IVS

The ISTA course will cover the computer requirements & installation of the ISTA software using both an ICOM and J2534 pass-thru interfaces. Interface connections, & settings will be overviewed along with outlining the ISTA software user interface. Navigation & ISTA functionality will be the highlighted focus.


Latest Gasket Technology for Cylinder Head Gaskets with Stopper Technologies with Failure Analysis

by Florian Kiziak, sponsored by ElringKlinger

Modern head gasket technology is much more complex than just a few layers of steel. There are many features which are essential for handling high loads with minimal movement in the engine. As such, cylinder head bolts have a big effect on the proper function of the head gasket. The most important aspect to understand is how to install properly and which mistakes can be avoided. This includes using failure analysis which trains you to identify leaking gaskets and the reason for this leakage.


Oil Seals and the Effects of Different Material to the Repair. PTFE vs. FPM/NBR/ACM

by Florian Kiziak, sponsored by ElringKlinger

Using oil seals made of PTFE vs. FPM requires different background knowledge to do a proper repair.  There are challenges such as the incorporation of integrated sensor rings which require special tools for a replacement. There are many tips and tricks are lesser known. It’s also import to understand how to use sealing compounds on those applications and which different sealants are in the market.


PicoScope Diagnostic Tips and Tricks

by Randy Dillman and Matt Fanslow, sponsored by Pico Technology

The new PS7 software is out and Randy Dillman from Pico Technology will take you around the software and explain the differences between PS6 and PS7 from an insider's view.  

Then Matt will take over to discuss PicoScope Math Channels, Filtering, Rotational Cursors, and Advanced Triggers as he shares his PicoScope screen live and takes you through the features and offers tips and tricks along the way.


Selecting the Proper BMW Engine Oils for Your Shop

by Stefan Braun - sponsored by LIQUI MOLY

Learn the engine oil basics for BMW engines and why it's important to use the proper BMW longlife specification. We will cover basics of oils, viscosity, ACEA v. OE specificcations, the latest oil specification offerings available, and more. Attending this seminar will help you choose the best oils for the vehicles you service.

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