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Thursday Afternoon Sessions

Thursday Afternoon Sessions

The Federal Wage and Hour Law is a difficult and often confusing piece of legislation. Violation of the law can cost you thousands of dollars in back wages, fines and expensive litigation. This session is designed to provide the information you need to stay in compliance with Federal Wage and Hour Laws.

by Brian Farrington

M-A-1 Wage & Hour Issues for Shop Owners

T-A-1 BMW Digital Services

by Brian Chaffe

  • Head Units and Drive systems

  • Radio Reception

  • Audio and Speaker Systems

  • Compressed Music

  • Communication Systems

  • BMW Connect Drive

  • Navigation Systems

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  • Low Pressure Fuel Supply

  • High Pressure Pumps

  • Direct Injection Strategy

  • Fuel Tank Ventilation

  • Common Failures and Diagnostic Routines

T-A-2 BMW Fuel Management Systems

by Luke Murray

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This course covers all of the basic information necessary to start using PicoScopes. Topics covered will include the “buttonology” of PicoScope, scope setups, making connections, obtaining captures, saving data and analyzing the waveforms. All of these tasks will be done simultaneously and, in many cases, will use “broke car” case studies to illustrate proper scope usage. This course is ideal for the beginning scope user, new PicoScope owners or someone just considering investing in this extremely valuable diagnostic tool.

by Scott Shotton and Eric Ziegler

T-A-3 Introduction to PicoScope (Live-Car)

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Friday Morning Sessions

M-B-2 How to Become a Talent Magnet

by Rick White

Let’s look at some pretty sobering facts: 
1. Unemployment is at an all-time low
2. The talent pool for quality technicians and advisors is shrinking
3. The old ways of chasing and finding potential help aren’t working anymore

Our experience shows that it takes an average of SEVEN months to replace a great tech and we see that number growing. Waiting for someone to leave to recruit for their replacement gets you “Mr. Right Now” in desperation instead of “Mr. Right.” Like Apple and Google, you need the best of the best banging down YOUR door every day. This class teaches you how to become your own Talent Magnet getting exactly that. 

- The mistakes you’re making in your hiring process right now
- What the top 1% need and want from a company to come on board and stay
- Strategies to turn your business into a “Talent Magnet” 

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The class will start with basic electrical engineering. The function of resistors, diodes and capacitors will be taught.

The participants will get an High Voltage System overview and will learn about the function of each HV component for different BMW HV Vehicles. The attendees will learn how to safely disconnect the High Voltage system and every participant has the chance to perform and practice this task on an HV model. New measurement tools to measure Isolation and the component equalization will be introduced and every participant has as well the chance to use practical this equipment.

Diagnostic strategies and common failures will be discussed.


After completing this training, the participant will be able to:

  • List all HV components

  • Understand the function of resistors, diodes and capacitors in HV Systems

  • Describe to safely disconnect the High Voltage system

  • Explain the function of the 4 wire measurement method

  • Review how to use the BMW high Voltage measurement adaptor

  • Identify all new measurement method to diagnose high Voltage Systems

  • Describe common failures on HV Systems

by Dirk Fuchs

T-BC-4 BMW High Voltage System (all day)


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by Gary Smith

Diagnosing the TOUGH Ones:

  • Baselining Engines in Diagnostics: What is Baseline and how can it help me?

  • This class defines how fuel and oil depositing plays a MAJOR role in getting the diagnosis RIGHT THE FIRST TIME on turbo GDI vehicles with close tolerance engines.

  • Identify Ghost Misfires, VVT Issues, P0420 Cat Codes, Lean Codes, Hard Misfires…

  • Learn to Leverage Scan Data and Lab Scope Waveform Analysis Techniques to Identify and Correct Deposit Related Drivability Conditions.

  • Learn Mechanical, VVT and Rationality Diagnostic Techniques Using Your Lab Scope.


This is an eye-opening class for techs, advisors and shop owners alike, and Learn how adding this strategy to your diagnostics saves time, un-necessary parts replacement and LESS COMEBACKS.  

T-B-5 GDI Engine Baseline Deposit Diagnosis and Cleaning Techniques
(live Car)

Limited Availability.
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T-B-6 Electronic (Hands-On)

by Brian Chaffe

  • Training boards, construct electronic circuits

  • Testing and understanding Diagnostic Communication

  • Understanding CAN and Bus systems

  • Hands on electronic circuit testing

  • Hands on Scope testing including CAN and Bus systems

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Limited Availability.
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This class covers the use of current probes, vacuum transducers and pressure transducers to quickly diagnose the engine mechanical issues quickly. Often, using the techniques discussed in the class, the amount of physical teardown to confirm the diagnosis will not be required. This class will focus on misfire programs, but will also address ignition and camshaft timing issues. Multiple tools will be covered to achieve these goals, but technique is the key. All of the testing techniques will be backed up with actual "broken car" case studies. If you own a scope, you'll want to attend this class. The information discussed will greatly expedite your diagnostic process.

by Scott Shotton

T-B-7 Engine Mechanical Diagnosis and Electronic Equipment

Friday Afternoon Sessions

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Every shop owner starts the same way; excited about running a business and becoming his own boss. Why then do some succeed while so many fail?

It's simple, really. The truly successful owner embraces the 'business' side of his shop.  He understands that to achieve the dream he needs to focus on planning and execution - not activity. This champion learns 'the numbers'. What to watch; what to measure; what to modify.
This is what KPIs are all about. They are simply tools successful shop owners use to
· See where they are today compared to where they want to be
· Identify quickly whether things are getting better or worse
· Highlight areas that need improving before they become problems

Next, we will do a deep dive into each KPI and

  • Review typical scenarios in a shop

  • See what factors can affect each and

  • Learn what you can do to improve

By the end of the series, you'll be able to join those champion shop owners on their journey as you make your business healthier and more profitable with the use of KPI's.

by Rick White

M-C-3 KPI's-Your Path To Profit

T-C-8 BMW Coding, Programming and Initialization

by Eric Ziegler

The modern vehicle is a collection of moving parts and electrons. Electronic control modules are used in almost every phase of operation and subsystem. The modern BMW is no exception. What used to be 4 or 5 modules with 1 network has blown up into often over 40 modules on multiple networks. Programming, setup, coding and initialization are almost always required when changing or updating these parts. Each is uniquely different. This class will help techs achieve greater comfort level when performing these operations. Real world examples will help techs determine what needs to be done and how to go about performing these crucial operations. Tooling and procedures will both be discussed as well as sound procedures to help aid in a successful outcome. ISTA and aftermarket tools will be covered.

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  • Training boards, construct electronic circuits

  • Testing and understanding Diagnostic Communication

  • Understanding CAN and Bus systems

  • Hands on electronic circuit testing

  • Hands on Scope testing including CAN and Bus systems

by Brian Chaffe

T-C-9 Electronic (Hands-On)

Limited Availability.
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T-C-10 Lab Scope Diagnostics & Pressure Transducer Testing

This class introduces the power of pressure transducer diagnostics in today's
super-high-tech no start and intermittent diagnostic scenarios. Learn how to "see"
valve problems (Mechanical), VVT issues and more! We introduce PCM/Mechanical signal overlay. 

by Gary Smith

Limited Availability.
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Saturday Morning Sessions

M-D-4 Coaching & Counseling for Employee Success

by Rick White

Every employee, including your superstars, can reach higher levels of performance. All they need is a manager who can coach. Someone who will regularly watch, assess and interact with each employee in ways that will develop and maximize their individual effectiveness. Coaching your employees one-on-one will raise their level of performance making sure you can get the most out of your team. In this class, you will practice coaching techniques like how to ask open ended questions to draw the best from your employees. 

- Improve or develop your ability to coach
- Close the gaps between what you have and what you want in performance and outcomes
- Show you how to challenge your best performance to greater levels of success
- Teach you how to integrate coaching seamlessly into the daily interactions with your people

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by Seth Thorson

  • Scope set-up and basics

  • Common tests to diagnose BMW issues

  • Relative compression and how to use it

  • Cam crank sync and how to diagnose timing issues from them

  • Communication scoping

  • Valvetronic 3; VVT actuator or DME failure

  • Getting the most from your diagnostic time using Pico

  • Leveraging Pico with ISTA for incredible diagnostic power

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T-DE-11 BMW PicoScope for the BMW Tech (All Day - Live Car)

Limited Availability.
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Module communication networks have been around for quite some time. With the ever growing number of computers built into vehicles now days it is critical to understand and diagnose issues with these computer networks. Network problems range from simple to complex. Individual systems may shot down, vehicles may not start or a vehicle may even fail a state emissions inspection with no other customer complaints. This course will cover some networking theory, communication protocols and lots of diagnostics illustrated with actual broken car case studies. A diagnostic plan of attack will be used to address networking issues. Emphasis will be placed on the “Need-to-Know” aspects of multiplexing.

  • Understand the basics of computer to computer networks 

  • Explore proven techniques to diagnose communication issues

  • Leave with a solid plan of how to attack your next communication issue

by Scott Shotton

T-D-12 Diagnosing Network and Communication Issues Effectively

by Drew Wolfe

  • PH Plug-In Hybrid Components

  • Safety Standards of Shutting Down HV Systems

  • EV High Voltage Introduction

  • HV Battery Unit Overview and Cell Structure

  • Parallel Hybrid System Setup

  • Programming Do's and Don'ts of PHEV

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T-D-13 Mini PHEV Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

Saturday Afternoon Sessions

Maximizing profits is a key focus for successful auto repair shops. Being busy isn’t enough today. Mistakes made by key individuals in the business can rob the shop or hard-earned profits. How we communicate within our organization can have a dramatic impact on the profitable bottom line. Learn how to identify the top 3 profit stealing behaviors from service advisors and how to combat them. Learn how to identify the top 3 profits stealing behaviors from technicians and how to combat them. Our course is designed to show you how to create duplicatable systems within your business that create profitable sales. Once the sales are created then it is time to execute and get into production mode. Maximizing both sales and production will lead to a massive boost to your profits. Here is what you will learn:

  • How to update and revitalize your sales process for 2020 and beyond.

  • Eliminate Service Advisor mistakes that cost your shop money.

  • Eliminate communication errors within the team to maximize production.

  • How to create a self-managed well-oiled team that constantly pushes the business forward.

  • How to eliminate costly comebacks.

  • Motivating your team daily.

  • Maximizing shop production.

  • How to eliminate verbal communication errors.

  • What the best shops are doing to digitize their team communications.

  • What the best shops are doing to digitize their sales process.

  • How to generate and keep 5% more profit from your existing sales and business.

by Jeremy O'Neal

M-E-5 Sales, Production & Profit

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T-E-14 BMW Active Hybrid Vehicles

by Eric Scharping

  • F Chassis hybrid vehicles – F01, F10, F30

  • Principles of Hybrid technology and safe work practices

  • Powertrain components – “E Machine”

  • High and low voltage systems

  • Electric climate control systems

  • Hybrid braking system

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  • ISTA (integrated service technical application) Training for Dealer Level Diag and programming

  • ISTA for programming BN2020 vehicle F, G & I Chassis vehicles

  • ISTA/P for BN2000 vehicles E & R Chassis

  • A.I.R (Aftersales Information Research) quickly get Bulletins, Wiring Diagrams, Labor times, Function Descriptions ,NED (non-electrical diag) ,Repair instructions and Parts Catalogue

  • Laptop Set up with J2534 Passthrough or ICOMNEXT Diagnostic interfaces 

  • TIS Navigation (old and new version) for Bulletin and info locating   

  • BMW s Tech Support for Subscription Holders

by Drew Wolfe

Sunday Morning Sessions

M-F-6 Management is Dead

by Jeremy O'Neal

If you want to grow your company, stop managing and start coaching. Management deals with past issues, coaching deals with future success. The old business model of managing your employees is broken! Jeremy will guide you through the new business model of coaching your employees to success. Each participant will be taught the exact system needed to smash sales records and create a business that delivers an amazing experience to customers. This system creates higher sales, higher gross profits, long term employees (including technicians) and happy customers!

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  • The road to “Autonomous Driving” and future mobility

  • Sensors, cameras and radar

  • Collision, pedastrian and lane departure warning

  • Evasion and emergency stop assistance

  • Cruise control

  • Parking assistance

  • Service, repair and system calibration

by Eric Scharping


by Gary Smith

This Seminar looks at what capabilities shops need (Equipment) to diagnose modern high-speed vehicles and is a look at scanner, scope and testing software that is capable of helping us to fix newer vehicles. We take a short look at NEAR future technologies, and how to prepare for this now so we do not need new equipment platforms in three to five years. If your shop is considering new equipment, We look at model coverage, testing coverage, and how to shop for scanners so you get what you need, DSO Lab Scopes vs. Handhelds, Pressure Transducers and more.

T-F-17 Technology Needs for Today's Diagnostics

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  • Various turbo designs used by BMW

  • Diagnostic routine for boost related fault codes

  • Electric and mechanical wastegate operation

  • Implementation of Valvetronic into the turbo engine

  • Direct and indirect intercooler systems

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T-F-20 BMW Turbocharging Technology

by Luke Murray

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